A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

This novel is a wonderful read and well recommended. A lovely novel which I enjoyed.

This book portrays the difficulties of young women in the early days of Ireland in the 1950’s and continues with the stories of the characters to the present day and how they overcame their difficulties in life. Chicky, who left Ireland at an early age and made a life for herself in USA but eventually returns to the place she always loved.

A week in winter is a beautiful holiday destination on the wild coast of Ireland where some of the characters resolve their differences and learn to live with one another. The holiday alters their perspectives on life and they decide upon their futures.  It is a wonderful book.  There is the story of the accountant who is expected to join his father’s firm in Sweden but instead enjoys the freedom of travelling in Ireland and becoming immersed in the rich Irish heritage and music when he meets up with a travelling companion and they go to music gigs together.

Each person has a unique character and often a perplexing or difficult background. It is wonderful to read about these characters and how they change their lives for the better.

This book cannot be more highly recommended. I loved reading this story about the various people who chose to go on holiday to this special place in Ireland.  It is quite extraordinary in the way that people’s lives could work out the way they did and also there is romance alive in this novel.

It also details some of the challenges young people have to face in early life or difficulties encountered bringing up a child who is veering towards leading a life of crime and how the situation is reversed for the better.

There is also the story of the mother and the prospective daughter-in-law who do not see eye to eye and do not get along. However, this situation also is resolved in the end.  It is quite incredible, really.  Maeve Binchy also writes about life and she does this so well.

A beautiful novel of charm to read.


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  1. happy bunny says:

    I started to read this book today.

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