Dear Heart, How Like You This? by Wendy J Dunn

Is it possible to write a perfect book? This book comes close
to perfection in its well crafted descriptions of beauty, sensitivity and poetry.

This novel tells the story of Anne Boleyn
and Sir Thomas Wyatt and his enduring love for the doomed queen.

A beautiful gem of a novel full of insight and the magical, beautiful
times of the earlier tudor years.

The story is told by Sir Thomas Wyatt from his early years of
childhood spent at the childhood home of Anne Boleyn at Hever
Castle. He often reminiscences of his earlier, happy years spent
in the company of Anne and George Boleyn.

The majestic and inspirational poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt often
seems to tell its own story written from the heart. This is an exquisite story
of beauty, truth and love. It is a historical
fiction novel. It is mentioned in the notes in a biographical sketch
of Sir Thomas Wyatt that Anne
Boleyn gave to one of her ladies her treasured prayer book for Sir Thomas Wyatt.
This was moments before her impending execution at the scaffold.

I loved following the story, the travels of
Sir Thomas Wyatt to the French
court and also to Italy. He was a diplomat of the tudor court and in his work often spent time
away from the court on government business.
Set during the earlier years of the reign of Henry
VIII this book gives valuable insights into the court of Henry VIII and the
politics of the time during these quite turbulent years.

A story which captures emotion, drama and the mood of the times so well and
is often written from a reflective view point. Quite beautiful!

Some novelists have a gift. Another novel of great beauty and sensitivity is brought
to mind: “Farewell, My Queen” by Chantal Thomas which is a story of the reader
who sat with Marie Antoinette during the final years of the court
and who subsequently wrote her story many years later in Vienna.


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