Cherry Blossom Season
in Japan is a special time to visit the Land of the Rising Sun:
Pink Sakura of Fukushima: 
Cherry blossom from wikipedia:
My impressions of Japan are of a wonderful vibrant country.
  I visited a long time ago in the nineteen eighties but the memories of this visit
are vivid still in my memory.
  I loved a little tea house on top of a hill at the old town of Kyoto,
which used to be the old capital of the country.
The people were friendly and helpful, sometimes wishing to improve their
English by sparking up a friendship and being communicative.  Other times,
it was difficult as there were only a few signposts in English at major train stations.
Also, sometimes, when trying to order a meal in a restaurant!  Perhaps this has changed now with more English translations available.  Some Americans also helped with giving directions.
Yokohama was fascinating and I loved the colourful designs, imagery, and uniqueness
about the place which seemed so different.  The coloured clothing of turned up jeans
and different atmosphere of the port town.   Japan also seemed to be a go ahead place with the
many pinball machines and people playing them in malls
and new technology of computer games and gadgets
readily available.
The gardens at the palace at Tokyo from wikipedia:
On the day which I visited the palace in Tokyo,
there was a conference and a visiting P.M.   I wandered around the gardens with their beauty and sense of beauty and peace in a busy city.
  There was also an old castle which I visited with sqeaky floor boards.  This was deliberate as in
another age the squeaky floor boards could act as a warning for the emperor.
Travelling by train at night was also fascinating as the reflecting neon signs and lights turned
the countryside into a magical wonder of colour.
  When I was young I was given a childrens’ book of children dressed in national dress of so many
countries of the world, and yet for some unknown reason, the dress of the children of the eastern
countries including Japan, China, Thailand, fascinated me and appealed.
I did not visit Kagoshima, as at the time there was due to be a typhoon and I had visited
on a cruise.  As it was, I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and Yokohama and enjoyed visiting
these places.  Another time, another day, I thought perhaps I would visit Japan again. 
Hopefully, Japan will recover from these recent disasters of an earthquake and tsunami.

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2 Responses to Japan

  1. You are so awesome!!! I have become obsessed with your blog and I spend most of my days reading all your archives.
    And I made a blog account JUST to post comments. I wish I had found
    out about sooner, and I wish you updated as much as you once did!
    You must be constantly busy now though because you are so famous!

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